Nike introduced the FitBit. JawBone came up with the UP series. Victoria’s Secret introduced a sports bra that can measure your heart rate.

Each of these wearable sensors shared a common platform – they were introduced to monitor the user’s health. How many steps did you take? What are your sleep patterns? How healthy are you eating?

This year, wearable technology is making its way into the beauty industry. Take a look at what’s already out there.

  1. My UV Patch – to measure sun exposure

A few weeks back, L’Oreal introduced the My UV Patch at the Consumer Electronics Show. The patch is designed to monitor sun exposure. The heart-shaped patch is about one square inch in size and has half the thickness of a hair strand. It is placed on the skin and can be worn with sunblock. When exposed to UV rays, the patch will change color. Users can take pictures of the patch and upload it to a corresponding app for further analysis.

  1. A patch that monitors your cardiovascular health and – as a bonus – tells you when to use more moisturizer.

Researchers Northwestern University and the University of Illinois have teamed up to produce an invisible patch that adheres onto the skin. It’s there to measure temperature changes at the skin surface. When the patch changes the color, the user knows that something is wrong. Researchers believe the patch will be particularly useful to companies in the beauty industry – especially since it’s a non-intrusive way to measure the skin’s moisture levels.

  1. Google filed a patent for a digital deodorant.

The patent show the design for a small fan. Whenever the device detects bad odor, it will emit a spray. The device also alerts the user and presents alternate GPS routes to avoid coming into contact with close friends.

We used Smithsonian as a reference for this article.


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