Demand for excess Altera FPGA and Xilinx FPGA

Currently, Luxe Electronics is looking for excess from the following manufacturers. In addition to purchasing the excess right away, we can offer you a competitive buying price.

1) Altera FPGA

We are looking for Stratix II, Stratix III, and Stratix V FPGA.







2) Xilinx FPGA

We are looking for Spartan 6, Kintex Ultrascale, and Virtex 5 FPGA.








3) Broadcom



Excess components can provide additional revenue for your business. The trick is to act quickly. Older components lose value over time, so the sooner you take steps to move your excess, the better.

The first step is to contact a trusted independent distributor.

Take steps to identify a veteran distributor in the component industry. Veteran distributors have had time to form contacts within the industry. They know who should be avoided and who can be trusted. They already have a regular list of OEMs and CMs they work with and can match your excess with their demands.

It’s always better to provide your excess list to just one distributor. Why? If you share your excess with multiple distributors, all of them will post your excess on different platforms, making it seem like there are thousands and thousands of that one part when there’s only so much.

Distributors usually offer two programs to choose from:

1) Outright buy

In an outright buy, the distributor purchases your excess in bulk. At this point, the distributor is taking a risk, and to reduce that risk, they can only offer so much for your excess. If you are looking to liquidate your excess as soon as possible, then this is the best option.

2) Hybrid consignment

In hybrid consignment, the distributor will have an exclusive to your excess. When an item is sold, the profit is split between you and the distributor.


To learn more about Luxe’s excess inventory management, click here.


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