Sharp’s LQ035Q7DH06 is Ideal for Handheld Multimedia Devices

Manufacturer: Sharp

Part Number: LQ035Q7DH06

Quantity: 800 pcs, Grade A factory-sealed

Sharp LQ035Q7DH06 is now obsolete.

To send a RFQ for these panels, click here.


     Sharp LQ035Q7DH06 was introduced in October 2005 to cater to the then-growing (and still growing) market for handheld multimedia devices. The press release differentiates the Sharp panel from competitors by highlighting its performance – a display with high brightness and high color saturation. It also has a low form factor and uses high-efficiency LEDs to minimize power consumption.

     The 3.5 inch TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) is specially engineered for a superior display in handheld products and includes a user interface with an integrated touch panel.

     Since the panels are targeting handheld mobile devices, the display is engineered to be ideal in ambinet lighting conditions.

     End uses include portable media players, handheld gaming devices, and portable DVD players.

     It’s also a great choice for applications that require a greater on-screen performance, including PDAs, GPS/navigation devices, test and measurement instruments, and portable patient monitoring equipment.

Luxe Electronics is working with an OEM who no longer requires this item. They are looking to move stock.

References: Business Wire

Image from Wikipedia


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