Chinese Buyer interested in Lattice Semiconductor


The Traditional FPGA Path


If programmability and flexibility are important to your design then it makes sense to replace your ASIC with an FPGA. The drawback is that FPGAs are relatively more expensive and they aren’t able to process data at the same speed as an ASIC.


This is why Altera and Xilinx are designing cutting-edge chips that offer all the benefits: progrmmability, flexibility, faster speeds, and lower power consumption.

This includes the following product lines:

  • Xilinx Virtex 7
  • Virtex Ultrascale
  • Altera Stratix V and Stratix 10

The benefits are all accompanied by high price tags, and some  franchised distributors (such as Avnet or Digikey) require minimum buys. These are harsh stipulations for smaller companies who are in the middle of a prototype design. In these situations, it makes sense to research and buy your FPGA from a non-traditional distributor. Luxe Electronics guarantee at least 20% off  FPGA list prices. We only deal with OEM excess, and our network of suppliers and buyers has been carefully built over a time span of ten years.

Click here for a RFQ on FPGA.

fpga rfq

How does Lattice Semiconductor differ from Altera and Xilinx FPGA?

Instead of following in the footsteps of Altera and Xilinx, Lattice Semiconductor is charting an alternative path for its FPGA. Lattice is designing FPGA that work with ASICs. If board size is not a pressing concern, it makes sense to scout out this option.

EEJournal recently came out with an article detailing Lattice’s newest products. the low-cost ECP5 FPGA family now includes two new FPGA: ECP5-5G and ECP5-12K.

With these FPGA, Lattice aims to target the growing market for mass quantity consumer electronics. Ideal end products are smartphones, industrial video cameras, games, machine vision, and motor control. Samsung is already one of Lattice Semiconductor’s biggest customers.

Are you in the market to buy Lattice FPGA? Send us a RFQ. One of our OEMs has Lattice excess.

Chinese buyer has shown interest in buying Lattice Semiconductor.

For many semiconductor companies, 2015 was the year of mergers. The most noteworthy news story is Intel’s decision to buy Altera FPGA.

Lattice Semiconductor has received interest from a number of potential buyers. This includes an unidentified buyer in China.

The purchase is seen as a profitable move since Lattice already dominates several key consumer electronics markets.






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