4 Ways to use Facebook Live

Periscope entered the market for live video streaming with a bang.

Concert goers could now live-stream a show, providing viewers with a very authentic experience of what it’s like to be standing behind a bunch of people. Periscope was very popular when it first came out, but the app also had some major drawbacks. The videos were low quality and shaky.

Facebook Live was initially available to certain people: celebrities and large companies. By paying them to release quality, hi-def videos, Facebook hoped their Live platform would gain traction among followers. Now that Facebook Live is available for all, Facebook is looking to change the platform for live video.

The average person spends around 7 hours on Facebook every month. With so many people already available on the platform, Facebook  is looking to replace a number of already available products. Once the platform gains a following, the company will use advertisements to make money.

What are some possible uses for Facebook Live? 

  1. Facebook Live can also function as a web conferencing tool. Users with access can gain access to the meetings.
  2. Looking to share a special moment from your life? A baby’s first steps, a birthday, or a wedding – these can all be live-streamed through Facebook Live.
  3. A great secondary feature is also included with Facebook Live. With 360 degree view, users can take advantage of remote tours. Planning on moving into a new apartment? Ask your landlord to give a tour of the apartment.
  4. Facebook is also catering towards a younger audience. Similar to SnapChat, Facebook lets you insert stickers or draw on the video.

More information about the feature should be available during the F8 developers conference next week.


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