China’s Tsinghua Unigroup Buys Financial Stake in FPGA Maker Lattice


Last year, Tsinghua Unigroup attempted to acquire US memory-chip maker Micron Technology, but their attempt was unsuccessful. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) blocked the takeover attempt, believing it was a threat to national security.

Having learned from their mistakes, this time state-owned Tsinghua Unigroup is investing a modest sum of $41.6 million in Lattice Semiconductor. This is a 6 percent stake in the company.

Talking about the move, the chairman, Zhao Weiguo, noted that, “This is purely a financial investment. We don’t have any intention at all to try and acquire Lattice.”

By 2020, the market for FPGA is estimated to be worth around US $ 9,882.5 million. Consumer Electronics will make up the lion’s share of the market. FPGA are found in a number of handheld devices including phones, tablets, and wearables. Lattice is already focusing on markets with mass production. Its low-cost ECP5 FPGA family now includes two new FPGA: ECP5-5G and ECP5-12K.

Chinese officials have promised $154 billion in funding for chip development and has encouraged local companies to take part in overseas investments. China is looking to build a competitive chip sector and has focused its investments on more mainstream technologies such as smartphone processors and flash memory chips.


The Business Insider



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