Gartner Predicts the Decline of the Smartphone

bendable phone

Gartner predicts a big drop in smartphone sales growth.

In 2015, the smartphone market grew by 14.4 percent. Gartner believes the market will grow by just 7 percent in 2016. The 7 percent equals roughly 1.5 billion smartphones being sold during the year.

The problem is consumers are not looking to upgrade from what they already have. And as phone manufacturers can only provide incremental (mostly ornamental) additions to their phones, there’s very little incentive to do so. Two of the biggest markets in the world – China and the West – are already saturated with smartphone users looking to make the most of their phones before upgrading to a better model.

One new market is India. A significant portion of the Indian market still relies on dumbphones, and as smartphones become more affordable, most will look to upgrade.

Samsung is looking to offer its customer an all-in-one package deal.

To counter this problem, Samsung has come up with a creative solution. Samsung will combine its smartphone with other signature products like the Gear VR headset to provide its customers with better package deals.

Samsung also predicts that they will have the technology for bendable phones ready by 2017. The bendable phone features a regular 5 inch display. The second bendable screen is around 8 inches wide. The bendable phone will offer both a phone and a tablet in one device.

There’s also stiff competition surrounding US wireless network providers. To attract customers, T-Mobile is offering free benefits to their customer base.

In a move to get customers invested in their company – literally – T-Mobile will be providing each customer with a share of T-Mobile stock. Currently, a T-Mobile share is worth $43.63. Referring people to T-Mobile provides you with the chance to earn more shares.

T-Mobile is also offering customers other perks, including free giveaways each week. Each Tuesday, T-Mobile customers can stop by at different chain restaurants for a giveaway or pick up a free movie rental.Customers can also compete bigger prizes like a $10,000 shopping spree with Gilt. T-Mobile partners include Samsung, Lyft, Major League Baseball, and StubHub.

One other perk is in-flight amenities. T-Mobile customers will have access to free Wi-Fi through GoGo.

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Image from Engadget


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