Xilinx Inc is worth at least $15 billion

xilinx inc

In May 2016, an anonymous $15 billion acquisition offer was made for Xilinx Inc. Both Qualcomm and Broadcom have shown interest in the company and rumors suggested that the $15 billion bid was made by Qualcomm.

The merger would be a strategic next step for Qualcomm. Right now, the majority of Qualcomm’s revenue comes from mobile-focused products. Acquiring Xilinx means that Qualcomm will now have the opportunity to diversify its offerings.

By acquiring Xilinx, Broadcom will be able to offer a wider range of products required for networking and communication equipment makers.

The buyout offer of $15 billion is somewhat smaller than the acquisition that took place last year. In June 2015, Intel purchased Altera for a total of $16.7 billion but that merger made sense from an industry standpoint. Even before the consolidation, Intel had already been invested in Altera. The acquisition took place to solidify relations between the two companies. And an year after the acquisition, Intel released its first Xeon + Altera FPGA server chip.

Xilinx Inc did not take up on the buyout offer. CEO Moshe Gavrielov did not seem eager to sell. Plus the offer of $15 billion was seen as a discount compared to the $16.7 billion shelled out for Altera.

Xilinx’s range of reprogrammable FPGA chips can be used in a number of end applications, including networking, wireless communication, high-end cameras, automotive, and aerospace and defense.

Luxe Electronics is based in Amesbury, MA. As an independent distributor of electronic components, Luxe takes an interest in several specialized lines. Xilinx, Altera, Lattice Semiconductor, Atmel, Broadcom and Micron are some of the manufacturers that the company deals with. Luxe can offer discounts of at least 15% off list prices. To submit a quote, click here.

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Luxe is also looking for OEM and CM excess offers. If you have excess on hand, email your offers to Kyle Jacques at kyle.jacques@luxeelectronics.com. Please have hi-def photos on hand. These will be used to make an initial assessment.

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