FPGA in the Industry 4.0

Assembly Line

Like the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 is another term coined to encapsulate automation within an industrial setting. Machinery within a ‘smart factory’ will use environmental factors and other inputs to determine the best next step, removing the need for a human ‘okay.’ Once the initial learning curve is passed, the machinery will become more sophisticated.

Image processing systems are some of the first to embrace the concept of Industry 4.0. Image processing is an essential part of any machine vision system. They are designed to measure, inspect, count and direct robots with pre-determined tasks. Most simple (and some complex) processes are already  handled by machine vision systems that direct robotic arms. The quantity of these systems is predicted to increase over time. By having these systems in place, factories can make better products. Instead of random sampling, 100% inspection is now common.

Products are tested using real time requirements. Real-time image processing are enabled using complex algorithms. Certain IC chips, FPGA and GPU-based systems, are designed to process a multitude of information within seconds, enabling instantaneous decisions to take place.

Smart cameras use FPGA to execute the commands of the image processing software.

Luxe Electronics is an electronic component distributor based in Amesbury, MA. The company deals with both franchised and independent lines and caters to both OEMs and CMs. Luxe Electronics specialized in FPGA, specifically Altera and Xilinx.

Luxe is always on the lookout for new companies to work with. We accept both RFQs and excess offers.

Click here for RFQ.

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We also accept excess. As part of our initial vetting process, we will ask for hi-def pictures and any related paperwork.

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