Future End-Uses for FPGA-based Devices

Global Markets Insight released a new report predicting the FPGA market size will reach USD 9.98 billion by the year 2022. In 2014, the FPGA market was valued at USD 5.27 billion. Demand for FPGA will be prevalent in several end-use industries, including data processing, automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics.

1) The biggest demand will come from the consumer industry, specifically from smartphone manufacturers. Low-cost FPGA will be a staple in many phones.

2) In the healthcare sector, high performance computing technology and medical imaging devices will drive the demand for FPGA.

3) High-end FPGA are also a popular hardware choice in autonomous vehicle platforms. FPGA can crunch through large amounts of data in seconds, making them ideal for providing split-second decisions.

Read about the different platforms that are being used by BMW, Intel, and Mobileye to develop autonomous vehicles.

4) Lower-end FPGA are also ideal for vehicle infotainment, camera systems and as hardware solutions for electric vehicles.

5) Within telecommunications, the rising prevalence for 3G, 4G, LTE and other high bandwidth-enabled devices is expected to increase the demand for FPGA-based solutions. This also includes the demand for increasing operational efficiency, reducing network deployment costs, reducing energy-related expenses, and utilizing clean energy sources.

6) Finally the growth of cameras, electronic toys, 3D eye wear and other augmented reality devices will also propel the market for FPGA.

7) In military applications, FPGA will be essential equipment for unmanned vehicles, RADAR and SONAR.

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