7 Features available in the Modern Car


1) On-board diagnostics

Your previous ‘dumbed’ down version of an OBD was the yellow light that would show up whenever there was something wrong with your car. Here’s the problem. The yellow light will pop up but you have no idea what the problem was. Today, there are a number of handheld tools that can provide you with a better diagnostic. These includes special rugged handhelds and intermediaries that allows your PC, tablet or phone to act as a handheld scan tool. These provide you with a better reading and can correctly pinpoint whatever is wrong in your car.

2) Heads-up Display

This is that information that pops-up on your windscreen, prominently displaying your speed, direction, and collisions warnings so you don’t have to look down at your speedometer.

3) The Vehicle Infotainment System

The infotainment system houses your on-board navigation display, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, and all audio and video entertainment. Connect your phone to the infotainment system and all your personalized information is available, including contacts, music, and addresses.

The connection is enabled by a third-party application. A recent study shows the connection is not as secure as we would like to think it is. There is a safety loophole in the third party connection, MirrorLink, which allows hackers to gain access and manipulate some of the autonomous options, including hands-off features, anti-lock braking, and the vehicle’s on-board navigation.

4) Automotive Night Vision

Infrared night vision cameras use a thermographic camera to provide the driver with more information than what they see using the headlights. The feature is valuable at night and in poor weather conditions.

5) Active Driver Assistance (ADAS)

For a complete list of the ADAS features in your vehicle, check out recent blog on this topic.

6) Anti-theft and burglar alarms

7) Car 2 Car communication

Which is exactly what it sounds like.

Luxe Electronics a electronic component distributor based in Amesbury, MA. The company specialized in Altera and Xilinx FPGA – which are some of the key components used to develop some of the features found in the modern car. If you have any RFQs or excess opportunities, let us know.

fpga rfq

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Picture obtained from car-2-car.org


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