Car Makers look to Keep Up with Consumer Electronics


The design process for a consumer electronic device lasts around six months. Within six months, companies are able to design, manufacture and ship the latest smartphone, tablet or any other handheld device.

Car manufacturers face a design cycle that typically lasts around six years. They face more stringent testing, possible redesigns and even modifications. Most consumers expect their car to access and sync with the current handheld devices they are using, but with a design cycle of six years, how can car manufacturers make sure their infotainment systems are compatible with the latest iPhone or Samsung phone?

That’s where project TRACE comes in. There are 35 partners involved with the project, OEMs BMW, Daimler, Volvo and Volkswagen, suppliers Bosch, Siemens, and Continental and semiconductor manufacturers ams, Bosch, NXP, and STMicroelectronics. The aim of project TRACE is to integrate products originally developed for the consumer market into automotive applications.

One of the main problems that project aims to address is to make sure that these consumer products meet the high-standards for reliability, performance and ruggedness that’s already expected from an automotive application. By integrating consumer electronics, car manufacturers are looking to reduce the price and form factor for hardware within the infotainment system. Again, adapting consumer electronics to the automotive industry is both time consuming and expensive since certain safety and reliability issues need to be addressed.

Project TRACE is expected to last around three years. The project is funded by the European Eureka-Catrene Initiative and is supported by the governments of Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden.

To learn more, visit the TRACE website.

The article by EETimes.

An overview of an education poster done by TRACE.

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