Lattice FPGA used in Apple’s iPhone 7


Instead of competing with the two major players in the FPGA market, Altera and Xilinx, FPGA manufacturer, Lattice Semiconductor, is carving out its own path.

Lattice Semiconductor is targeting the growing market for consumer electronics. By specializing in cheap FPGA, which can be used in smartphone, tablets, and PCs, Lattice is looking to make a profit by focusing on sheer numbers.

This time around, Lattice has walked away with a stellar buyer for their FPGA. Chipworks recently took apart an iPhone7 to learn more about the components powering Apple’s newest flagship phone. The iPhone 7 includes a Lattice FPGA, specifically model number ICE5LP4K. The FPGA is a member of Lattice’s iCE40 Ultra family and is a low power device designed for use within mobile applications.

2016 is bound to be a good year for Lattice Semiconductor. September pre-orders for the iPhone 7 eventually pushed the delivery date towards late October. And by next year, the next iPhone will be out, but the iPhone 7 will still be available for purchase as a mid-range device through Apple’s website.

This shows a bright future for FPGA manufacturer, Lattice Semiconductor.

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