Intel begins sampling the 14nm Stratix 10

stratix-10-fpgaIn a blog post, Intel’s Dan McNamara stated the first Stratix 10 sampling have been sent to a few select customers.

Stratix 10 FPGA holds a revolutionary new architecture termed as Hyperflex and is targeted towards high-end computing and data-intensive applications. The ideal end-products include networking centers, data centers, and any devices connected to the Internet of Things.

The Stratix 10 line aims to provide applications with a higher computational capabilities, lower latency, greater system flexibility, and increased system performance.

These are some of the performance highlights from Intel’s new Stratix 10 line:

  • 2X the core performance and over 5X the density compared to the previous generation.
  • Up to 70 percent lower power than Stratix V FPGAs for equivalent performance.
  • Up to 10 TFLOPS of single-precision floating point DSP performance.
  • Up to 1 TBps memory bandwidth with integrated High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) in-package.
  • Embedded quad-core 64-bit ARM* Cortex*-A53 processor.

Luxe Electronics is an independent distributor of electronic components based in Amesbury, MA. Luxe is always on the lookout for any new FPGA RFQs or excess offers.

To learn more about the company, click here.

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