Why is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catching Fire?


Samsung has officially ended production of the Galaxy Note 7.

The latest flagship phone from Samsung was unveiled to meet and challenge Apple’s iPhone 7. Things quickly backfired when phones all over the world started to catch fire and explode, leaving behind nothing but an incinerated mess.

So what happened? Why were these phones exploding?

Tech mags have done their own research, all ranging from the precursory assumption to the slightly more ambitious project of taking the phone apart and analyzing its inner workings. So far, neither Samsung nor the tech world has been able to pinpoint the cause behind the sudden explosions.

What we know so far is the fault was not with the battery. Samsung just tried to pack too many features into the small space, and the result, quite literally, exploded in their face. To make matters worse, Samsung made the phone’s battery non-removable and proprietary. This meant that a) the phones had to be sent back to Samsung so they could make the necessary adjustments i.e. install a new battery and b) as an impatient consumer, you wouldn’t be able to snag another battery off-the-shelf and do the replacement yourself.

How has this affected Samsung?

Not well. The stock prices have fluctuated, and once this whole fiasco is take care of, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to cost the company at least $5 billion in losses.

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