FOVIO Driver Monitoring Systems [Company Spotlight]


Formed in 1999, FOVIO is a sub-unit of Seeing Machines. FOVIO works with automotive companies to develop an ADAS system that works in concurrence with a human driver.

FOVIO’s ADAS system has already been used for fifteen different production vehicle models. The system works by monitoring the human driver, and if the human driver shows any warning signs, the ADAS system is triggered.

The ADAS system will monitor the following:

  1. The driver’s eye and head position.
  2. Driver attention
  3. Fatigue
  4. Distractions
  5. Environmental hazards

The ADAS system will be used to assess both environmental hazards and driver inattentiveness.

If a warning trigger is activated, the ADAS system will automatically takeover.

At this year’s CES, Seeing Machines announced the increased demand for FOVIO’s Driver Monitoring Systems.

FOVIO’s DMS systems are already being used in some models manufactured by Bosch, Takata, and Volkswagen.

Luxe Electronics is an independent electronic component distributor based in Amesbury, MA. To begin the new year, we are currently focusing on a serial that highlights cutting-edge technologies.

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Business Wire

Seeing Machines



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