Intel Arria 10 used in Facial Recognition Software


Last week, Intel announced that the mid-range Arria 10 had been used by ZTE, a leading technology telecommunications equipment and software company, in a facial recognition experiment. With the help of the FPGA, the software pin-pointed over 1,000 faces in one second, all achieved at a level of ‘theoretical high accuracy.’

ZTE had used the mid-range Arria 10 FPGA. The Arria 10 FPGA provides up to 1.5 teraflops (TFLOPs) single precision floating-point processing performance, 1.15 million logic elements and more than a terabit-per-second high-speed connectivity.

The technology can also be seamlessly integrated with the high-end Stratix 10 family, meaning that the software can see nine times the performance boost.

Finally, ZTE was able to shorten their development time by relying on the OpenCL programming language.

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