How Safe is the Internet of Things?

When the term IoT was first introduced, there was a lot of excitement in the tech industry. Creating a link between appliances and gadgets, and allowing each to be controlled remotely, opened up a whole range of possibilities. There was just one problem. An interconnected appliance was vulnerable to cyber attacks. Remember the Smart TV? […]

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Intel Announces New Cyclone 10 FPGA

Intel has announced the Cyclone 10 FPGA family. The Cyclone 10 FPGA are designed to meet fast and powerful processing needs and are best suited for automotive, industrial, audio/visual, and vision applications. The Cyclone family offers two different models: the Cyclone 10 GX and the Cyclone 10 LP. The Cyclone 10 GX is best suited for […]

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Technology in the Super Bowl

Technology has changed the way we see the game. The different cameras, angles that are available, allow viewers to see the game like never before. That’s not the only thing. Tech allows officials to review each play, ensuring that each game progresses fairly and smoothly. Here’s some of the technology that’s used in an NFL […]

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Home Robots Invade 2017’s CES Show

For the past few years, the term IoT (Internet of Things) has been used as a catch-all to describe interconnected technology.  There was a lot of hype surrounding the term’s initial introduction. So far, tech companies have been steadily working towards the goal of introducing an interconnected home. Tech companies came out with their latest products […]

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