Home Robots Invade 2017’s CES Show


For the past few years, the term IoT (Internet of Things) has been used as a catch-all to describe interconnected technology.  There was a lot of hype surrounding the term’s initial introduction. So far, tech companies have been steadily working towards the goal of introducing an interconnected home.

Tech companies came out with their latest products at this year’s CES show.

1. LG Instaview Refrigerator.

The touch screen display on the refrigerator door can turn transparent, letting you know what’s inside the fridge. The fridge is also equipped with Alexa.

2. LG Hub Robot

The countertop robot can direct and order all LG appliances within a household, including the fridge, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner.

3. Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator

This is the same as LG’s model, except it doesn’t offer a transparent screen. Samsung’s fridge comes with Google Voice, not Alexa.

4. Zeeq Pillow from RemFit

Worried about the quality of your sleep? Now you can ask Alexa how you’ve slept, how loud you were snoring etc.

5. Alexa and Whirlpool

Amazon is also teaming up with Whirlpool to allow devices to be controlled through voice commands. Need to change your refrigerator’s temperature? Tell Alexa. Need to adjust your oven’s temperature? Tell Alexa.

6. Simplehuman Sensor Can with Voice Control

Now you can tell your garbage can/ recycling bin to open up? Simplehuman’s garbage-only version is $180 and the garbage and recycling combo is $280.

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Kuri image from http://www.heykuri.com



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