Computer Vision is Changing the Retail Industry

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1) Facebook is changing its AI image search feature so it will automatically recognize objects within each photo. For example, if you type in the search term ‘blue shirt,’ Facebook will populate photos where someone is wearing a blue shirt. The search results will have your photos, your friends’ photos, and any other photos with a blue shirt.

The feature will be there to assist users who are visually impaired.

Plus Facebook believes the feature can be used by companies to advertise their products. Searching for a blue shirt? The search results will show ads, specifically from retail brands who currently have blue shirts for sale.

2) Pinterest is already using this feature within their app. Pinterest will suggest similar images based on what users have liked, shared and pinned to their board. This is a great option for users who are browsing around for ideas.

Like the shoes that someone is wearing? Take a picture of them and upload them to Pinterest. Pinterest will then provide a list of pictures with a similar item.

3) UK start-up company Metail is looking to change the online retail industry. Many consumers are already choosing to complete their shopping online. The convenience and added perks – such as free shipping and free returns – are major incentives. But not everyone is a strong believer. Online shopping is a hassle. Sometimes the clothes will fit, and sometimes they won’t. Return shipping – whether it is paid for by the retailer or the consumers – is an expense that can be avoided. That’s why start-ups like Metail are offering the option of creating a 3D visual of the consumer.

These models are created by inputting certain measurements: height, weight, waist measurements, shoe size, and current size at other popular clothing brands. The virtual image is there to add confidence to the consumer’s decision to complete a purchase.

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