Technology in the Super Bowl

Football Tackle

Technology has changed the way we see the game. The different cameras, angles that are available, allow viewers to see the game like never before. That’s not the only thing. Tech allows officials to review each play, ensuring that each game progresses fairly and smoothly.

Here’s some of the technology that’s used in an NFL game.

1. Fox Player View

Want to see the field from your favorite player’s point of view? Fox and Intel teamed up to offer 360 replay, a virtual camera that can be placed on any player so you can see the game from their perspective.

2. Microsoft Tablets

The tablets are used to review plays and guide players. Microsoft has designed the tablets to they are able to withstand rugged conditions, including snow, rain, low temperatures and the occasional drop. The touchscreen is designed so that a player who is wearing gloves can also interact with it.

The tablet can also be used to assess the players’ health. The X2 Biosystems app evaluates a player to determine their overall health, specially susceptibility to a concussion after a possible head injury. While the X2 cannot be used by itself, it is still a vital part of evaluating the players’ health.

3. Pylon Cameras

These cameras are placed at the end-zone, allowing viewers to view touchdowns from a different angle.When a player strikes a pylon camera, the wires will disconnect.

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