Intel Announces New Cyclone 10 FPGA


Intel has announced the Cyclone 10 FPGA family. The Cyclone 10 FPGA are designed to meet fast and powerful processing needs and are best suited for automotive, industrial, audio/visual, and vision applications.

The Cyclone family offers two different models: the Cyclone 10 GX and the Cyclone 10 LP.

The Cyclone 10 GX is best suited for applications where a high I/O performance and core speed are key requirements. Some applications include industrial machine vision and smart city applications that provide surveillance in parking lots, roads and bridges. Cyclone 10 GX is also well-suited to support pro AV technologies, such as video streaming applications.

By using Cyclone 10 GX, users can benefit from significant reductions in the overall cost of ownership across product lines.

The Cyclone 10 LP is best suited for video applications within an automotive ADAS system. When the vehicle is in motion, the FPGA can quickly process the input feed and provide recommendations based on stimuli in the outside world.

The Cyclone 10 FPGA family will be available in the second half of 2017, along with evaluation kits and boards, and the latest version of Quartus, the Intel FPGA programming software.

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