How Safe is the Internet of Things?

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When the term IoT was first introduced, there was a lot of excitement in the tech industry. Creating a link between appliances and gadgets, and allowing each to be controlled remotely, opened up a whole range of possibilities.

There was just one problem. An interconnected appliance was vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Remember the Smart TV? There was a lot of controversy when it first came out. The tv could respond to voice commands, which was convenient, but it could also comprehend (and record) other conversation taking place in the rec room.

Think of the connected car. If someone can hack into an interconnected car, they can inflict serious damage. The more minor offense would be interfere with the car’s infotainment system, providing the driver with false information about their speed, the amount of fuel in the car, and misleading directions. The more catastrophic course of action is to take control of the car, disabling the brake system and even leading it off-course.

Now think of the connected office. Small vulnerabilities in the network can provide hackers with a surefire entry-point, allowing them to extract sensitive information, demand ransom, and wipe-out entire databases.

There are serious concerns about security in the IoT, and these concerns are now leading to the rise of a niche industry: making sure our connected gadgets are secure and preventing hackers from breaking into the system.

Till these concerns are properly accounted, any IoT system will expose consumers to a number of security risks.

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