Uber suspends self-driving cars following Arizona crash

Following an incident in Arizona, Uber suspended the company’s pilot program for driverless cars effective immediately, at least until the investigation behind the crash is complete. Currently, Uber has on-going pilot programs in several cities including Arizona, Pittsburgh and San Francisco. Whose fault was it? The fault was not with the Uber car. Instead, another […]

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Intel Plans its Next Move

Last week, tech giant Intel announced its plans to purchase the Israeli-based Mobileye, a firm that specializes in automotive ADAS software. While Mobileye is not exactly a household name, its proprietary technology, EyeQ, is used to enable lane-departure warnings and proximity sensors, technology essential for any ADAS system. Now that Intel has acquired Mobileye, the […]

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Intel to combine forces with Mobileye

On March 13th, Intel announced that the company had paid $15.3 billion to acquire Mobileye, an Israeli-based firm which specializes in developing autonomous-car technology. In a field where names like Google Car, BMW, and Tesla are household names, Mobileye is relatively unknown, but its trademark software, EyeQ is used to enable lane-departure and proximity warnings, […]

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