Watch March Madness through your Oculus Headset

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Did you know that Intel has amped up this year’s March Madness? Last week, Intel sent out a press release stating the company has a multiyear, exclusive partnership with Turner Sports, CBS Sports, and the NCAA as the official virtual reality provider for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.

The feature will be available through the Oculus store, and fans will be able to purchase a March Madness Live virtual reality premium ticket for what would be a courtside seat. Fans will have the option of choosing their own viewing angle or opting for the Intel produced VR version of the game in their headset. Remember, with the virtual experience, you’re getting a 360 degree viewing experience of the game.

The feature will be available for the final few games of March Madness, starting with Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final four, semifinals, and finally, the Championship games. 48 cameras will be covering the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games, and 84 cameras will cover the semifinals and the Championship game.

Intel True VR

Intel will also be unveiling the brand Intel True VR. For fans, the Intel True VR will deliver a more immersive experience. Fans will be able to sit through live and on-demand plays and in-game highlights. Basically, with your VR headset, you can experience what it’s like to actually be at the game.

Intel 360 Degree Replay

Watch replays from any angle – even from the player’s point-of-view. Intel will equip the University of Phoenix stadium with 28.5K Ultra HD cameras, Intel-based servers that are capable of processing 1 terabyte of data per 15 to 30 seconds clip, and these will be fed along a fiber-optic cable to an Intel control room, where producers will pick out and package the replays to allow fans to get the best in-house experience.

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Image and story from Intel


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