5G, IoT, and FPGA – the Tech that will Process Data

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It’s only a matter of time before the Internet of Things (IoT) takes over. By allowing technology to ‘talk’ to each other, we will pave the way for a more efficient and convenient world. Some of the best examples of an IoT-enabled interface is that you can control applications from afar. Adjust your home temperature from the office, check in on how your pet is doing, and get your fridge to draw up next week’s shopping list.

Multiple IoT systems will be in use all over the world. For an IoT system to be effective and successful, a Wi-Fi network must process through large amounts of data in a single instant, analyzing, and drawing decisions based on what the data reveals.

Something that will go along with an IoT system is a 5G network.

5G networks are already available in prototype-mode, but by 2020, tech experts believe that the technology will have widespread coverage. Compared to 4G network technology, 5G offers several advantages:

  • It will process large amounts of data, something like up to 20 GB.
  • Have lower latency
  • Lower quality loss
  • Will be more efficient
  • Is necessary for an effective IoT systems to be in place

There’s another piece of hardware that will also come into play: FPGA. Depending on its specs, the role of an FPGA is to crunch through a large amount of data in a short period of time. Some of the higher-end FPGA can do this in a matter of seconds. Within an IoT world, FPGA are essential.

  1. They will be used to enable 5G networking power.
  2. High-end FPGA will be used in autonomous cars, where split-second decisions are the difference between life and death.
  3. Lower-end FPGA will be used to enable communication between different applications in an IoT setting. Think of an IoT hub ‘giving orders’ to the fridge, washing machine, and rice cooker.


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Some content sourced from TechCentral


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