FPGA enables the Development of a Terminator-like Robot

terminator fpga.JPG

It’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence takes the tech world by a storm. Right now, it’s still in the nascent stages as tech firms try to train robots into developing a more flexible outlook.

Today’s robots have certain algorithms instilled into them. These algorithms enable deep neural networks, bestowing machines with certain human-like qualities, including the ability to learn.

These abilities are enabled through certain hardware pieces, including FPGA. A high-end FPGA is a vital component of any artificial intelligence system.

Russia recently made headlines for developing a robot that can shoot guns from both hands. The media has dubbed the move as a first-step towards a real-life terminator, but Russian officials have insisted that this is not the main purpose behind this robot.

The robot has been named as FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research), and it’s being trained to use guns in an attempt to improve the android’s motor skills and decision-making abilities.

FEDOR is to be the sole passenger on board a Russian Federation spacecraft, expected to travel to space in 2021.

Originally, FEDOR was developed as a humanitarian robot, with the goal of using it for rescue missions, but now, FEDOR has picked up on a number of different skills, including the ability to use keys, tools, screw in light bulbs and drive a car.

Robots may be ideal for space travel, being able to travel to places that are not accessible to humans, but many experts have already issued warning against the advancement of artificial intelligence.

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