Forget the Autonomous Vehicle – a Flying Car is already here

autonomous flying car

Yes, it’s actually here. The Kitty Hawk Flyer doesn’t have a price tag – not yet anyway, but for a down payment of $100, it lets users sign-up for a discount of $2000 and gain access to special offers from the company.

The idea of a flying car isn’t new, and the concept is already being explored by a number of key companies.

The France-based company, Airbus, recently announced the concept for Pop.Up, an autonomous vehicle that would operate on the ground and in air. Meanwhile, Uber is looking to develop a flying taxi – the company is not only looking at grounded autonomous vehicles, but it’s also considering the sky as well. Even the government of Dubai has partnered with Chinese firm, EHang, to start experimented with flying vehicles.

The concept isn’t new, and it will have a number of different applications. It would be the easiest and quickest way to get around – perhaps not the safest though, at least not at the moment. It would have a number of entertainment uses – many people would be interested in an ATV-type flying vehicle, a recreational ride that will be used for the thrills.

The concept of a flying vehicle comes with its own set of legal and safety issues. It’s sort of like when drones were first introduced to the market. Pretty soon, many users began to realize that drones needed to operate under a certain set of regulations and restrictions, particularly near busy airports.

If flying vehicles are introduced, it would need its own set of air traffic control operators. And there’s the problem of powering the system. For a flying vehicle to stay afloat for a long period of time, it would need to have a serious battery behind it or a major fuel tank. These are all implications which will need to be addressed with the design of a flying vehicle.

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Image from CNN


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