Google is Accused of Underpaying Women but Admits its Too Hard to get Wage Data

Google has been accused of underpaying the women employed at Google. When government officials requested copies of wage information, Google rebuffed by stating that its too cumbersome and logistically-challenging to locate wage data and deliver to the capitol. On Friday, officials from Google testified that it would take at least 500 hours and $100,000 in […]

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FPGA powers Airline Booking Systems

This weekend, thousands of travelers were left stranded at London’s Heathrow airport, a result that occurred because British Airway’s computer system crashed. British Airways denied the system crash was a result of a cyber attack. Instead, an airline representative issued a statement saying they believed the crash happened as a result of a power outage. […]

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Intel SSD SSDSC2KW120H6X1 available from Luxe Electronics

Luxe Electronics has excess of solid state drive (SSD) SSDSC2KW120H6X1. All parts are brand-new and never opened. SSD SSDSC2KW120H6X1 is┬ádeveloped by Intel Corporation. Intel 540 series SSDs are compact, secure and offer a low-power storage solution. The SSDs are ideal for use in personal computers, including ultrabooks, laptops, and desktop computers. The benefit of using […]

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FPGA are the power behind Microsoft Azure

At the 2017 Build, Microsoft’s annual developers conference, Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich disclosed several major developments in Microsoft’s deployment of Intel FPGA. The deployment of FPGA offer several advantages to Microsoft’s burgeoning cloud network. Flexibility and scale Super low latency networking Increase in networking speed – this is enabled by the low latency network […]

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