Lattice Introduces a Low Cost FPGA for AI Markets


Last Monday, FPGA maker Lattice Semiconductor sent out a press release stating the company has developed a new low-cost FPGA, specifically designed for applications in several AI markets: automotive, industrial, and consumer.

The company has combined their CrossLink pASSP mobile bridging device, ECP5 low power, a small form factor FPGA, and a high-bandwidth, high resolution HDMI ASSP to bring forth a device that accelerates the development of intelligent, vision-enabled devices at the edge.

According to Lattice’s Marketing Director, Deepak Boppana, the New Embedded Vision Development Kit is targeted for tech that that enables machine vision, smart surveillance cameras, robotics, AR/VR, drones and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications.

Lattice has already been known for breaking the norm. Instead of directly competing with the two major FPGA makers, Altera and Xilinx, Lattice strode down a completely different path. Lattice has been manufacturing low-end, low-cost FPGA geared towards enabling mass products. Some of the target end-users include smartphone and tablet developers.

In a way, this makes sense. Companies that are looking to buy costly, high-end FPGA are few in number, and have already secured partnerships with the two major FPGA players, Altera or Xilinx. By choosing this route, Lattice will have the option of securing more interested customers.

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