Apple and Google face Trouble at the Start of 2017


Apple just came out with the earnings for the first three months of 2017, and the numbers did not meet investor expectations. Fewer iPhones were sold during the quarter, and CEO Tim Cook blamed it on a ‘pause’ as customers wait for the new iPhone already scheduled for release later this year.

At the same time Cook did point out that revenue from Apple Services has increased, jumping an 18 percent increase to $7 billion. Services include Apple Pay, iCloud, and the App store.

The new phone scheduled for release this is year is the 10th anniversary iPhone – yes, it’s been ten years since the first generation of iPhones came out. This could be the reason behind the ‘pause’ that Cook is talking about.



In other news, Google and Uber are soon going head-to-head over one of the biggest tech battles this year. Google is accusing Uber of stealing one of their top employees, Anthony Levandowski and proprietary documents regarding self-driving car technology.

Here’s a quick timeline of the events.

Levandowski quits without notice in January 2016. On the same day, he receives $250 million in stock options from Uber.

Levandowski starts his own self-driving car company, Otto. Six months later, Uber acquires the company.

The proprietary technology is  believed to included details regarding Google’s research into LiDAR technology and data collected over years of trials and test runs.

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