Novonix has Doubled Battery Life 4 Year ahead of Time; Apple enters into Agreement

Electric Tesla Eco Battery Supercharger

Today, Tesla’s battery research partner, Novonix, announced that it has doubled the battery lifetime of Tesla products 4 years ahead of the scheduled time. Apple Inc. has been impressed by this achievement and has already entered into an agreement to work with the company.

Jeff Dahn is head of the group that’s leading research into the development of lithium-ion batteries. Jeff Dahn is part of the Dalhousie University battery group. HIs research team is split into two groups, one group works exclusively with Tesla, and the second group is working to commercialize the battery cell testing machines.

Dahn’s group has already developed a way to accurately monitor batteries during charging and discharging to identify causes for degradation.

One his PhD students even went on to work with Tesla after his graduation.

In addition to Apple, Novonix’s other clients include GM, 24M, and other large battery manufacturers.

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