WannaCry Cyber-Attack affects 150 Countries

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Last week’s WannaCry cyber-attack crippled over 200,000 organizations in 150 affected countries. The attack affected a number of different industries, including the UK’s healthcare network, China’s government computers, and other private companies all over the world.

Here’s the timeline of what happened. Back in March, Microsoft issued a patch for an apparent bug in its operating system. If every company had done due diligence and updated the computers to take care of this bug, then this cyber-attack wouldn’t have had such a widespread influence.

So far, the hackers have gotten more than $120,000 worth of bitcoins. The attack caused irreparable damage, specifically to UK’s health system. The attack cancelled appointments and operations, and some data are now lost forever because of the attack.

The healthcare industry felt a particular impact because the industry still relies on older versions of the Wndows operating system. The tech that connects to their computer systems, MRI scans, cat scans, rely on older technology and cannot be updated as easily.

Internet of Things

With the advent of IoT devices, cyber security will be a more pressing concern. IoT offers the advantage of making devices interconnected, meaning they are able to ‘talk’ to each other, and react based on the input received.

The only issue is that IoT may offer pressing safety concerns for users. The devices may not always be manufactured to meet the ideal safety standards, and therefore present a potential avenue towards hackers who are always looking for a weak entrance into a security system.

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