Google is Accused of Underpaying Women but Admits its Too Hard to get Wage Data


Google has been accused of underpaying the women employed at Google.

When government officials requested copies of wage information, Google rebuffed by stating that its too cumbersome and logistically-challenging to locate wage data and deliver to the capitol.

On Friday, officials from Google testified that it would take at least 500 hours and $100,000 in expenses to procure the data that the US Department of Labor (DoL) has requested.

DoL has long since accused Silicon Valley of underpaying women. Now that it has requested data from possibly the biggest players in Silicon Valley, the DoL is faced with resistance. The information has been requested as evidence in a high-profile case which accuses the tech industry of wage gap and gender discrimination.

As a federal contractor, Google is required to comply with equal opportunity laws and must provide federal investigators with the data that has been requested.

The court case stems from a snapshot conducted in 2015, when discrepancies in salary figures across different genders were noted.

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