AI advances the Future of Healthcare

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Healthcare related jobs are predicted to rise exponentially within the next few decades. Already, the industry is relying on tech to ease the facilitate patient healthcare services. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the tech that’s already there.

Robot surgeons will replace human surgeons for precision-related jobs.

Robots won’t necessarily replace human surgeons, but at some point in the future, robots will be expected to take over any procedures which require a high-degree of human precision. Certain procedures for surgeries that focus on the human eye or brain may be performed by a robot.

Triage and preliminary screening questions will be dealt by a robot.

This is kind of like the call center version for healthcare. Before being assigned to an actual person, a robotic system will be in place to determine your healthcare needs. The robot may be able to diagnose the more basic conditions. For more complicated conditions, the robot can match the symptoms to certain diagnoses and even redirect the call to a healthcare professional who specializes in that condition.

This has already been implemented in the UK. There are a number of benefits for having this sort of system in place. First, it can ease the burden on healthcare facilities. By allowing the robot to diagnose certain conditions, the system can make room for patients with more pressing needs.

Wearables will allow healthcare professionals the liberty of remotely monitoring a patient.

Wearables can be used to monitors the patient’s health activity. If the wearable detects certain changes, it can send notifications to the healthcare facility. If certain serious issues are detected, the wearable can initiate an emergency notification.

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