Introducing Holodeck – Nvidia’s VR Environment


Last May, Nvidia announced the Holodeck, a VR environment that will encompass all the elements of reality, including sight, sound and haptics.

Right now, the Holodeck is being used for collaborative purposes. It allows researchers to share designs, and perform an up-close and personal evaluation.

Nvidia CEO and founder Jenson Huang recently demonstrated the capabilities of the Holodeck at the GPU technology conference. Huang took audience members on a tour of the Koenigsegg Regera Supercar; the car has an estimated retail price of $1.9 million.

Through the Holodeck environment, audience members were able to follow the design process of the car in minute detail. Audience members followed a team of engineers as they explored the car, consulted, and made real-time design changes.

The Holodeck environment allowed engineers to simulate certain environmental conditions, to determine how the car will respond to the outside stimuli. Day and night time driving, road conditions, and adverse weather were all simulated to determine how light reflects of the windshield and window glasses.

Holodeck allows collaborations across space. Design models can be shared, without simplification, over time and space. Ultimately, Nvidia envisions a VR design environment where everything from concept to design to final product can be produced virtually.

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