Stan the Robot provides Valet Parking at Airports

stanley robotics

Flying is a stressful event. There are a number of factors every passenger has to consider. You need to book the tickets, pack the bags, and to top it off, you have to be at the airport by a designated time.

Now add another factor into this mix – if you’re driving to the airport, you’ll have to account for the extra time spent on parking the car. It’s always a compromise – the closer spots cost more, and the further spots, while less expensive, aren’t exactly hassle-free.

Now imagine a valet-parking service run completely by robots. These robots will pick your car, transport it to a parking spot of your choice, and then park your car. And you can even keep your keys.

Meet Stan – the robot that parks your car.

The designated drop-off areas are in front of the parking lots. All you have to do is enter your travel details, and Stan will make sure your car is ready by the time the return flight lands.

The solution was created by French robotics firm, Stanley Robots, and the service is already in place at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Built into Stan is a navigation system – a simpler version of the ADAS systems that are currently in development. Stan has a very precise built-in parking mechanism. Stan’s video input looks for the ideal placement for your car – no more reversing, redoing or unnecessary damage. These are all listed as benefits that come along with robot valet-parking.

At Luxe Electronics, we take a special interest in tech that’s related to ADAS systems. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the industry grow in leaps and bounds, starting with new innovations, mergers and acquisitions. This is the next tech trend, and we follow this topic religiously. If you have any ADAS related tech stories, let us know.

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