Long Lead Times and Difficulty with Parts Allocation?

Are you running into long lead times and difficulty with parts allocation?

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Luxe Electronics saved over $2,000,000 for OEM customers

During the past quarter, we provided our customers with over $2,000,000 in savings. Here’s a recap of our most popular part numbers – and a quick comparison between our prices and distribution prices. Part Number Luxe’s Price Their Price XC5VLX330T-1FF1738I $1,500 $17,712 5SGXEABN2F45I2LN $900 $16,829 XC6VSX475T-1FFG1759I $3,700 $10,868 XC6SLX45-3FGG484I $21 $80 EP4SGX230DF29I3 $409 $7,740 XC5VSX240T-1FFG1738I […]

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